Final Master Exam in History and Theory of Photography

Final Master Exam in History and Theory of Photography

Each student draws 2 questions/​themes from the list and has 30 minutes to prepare before the exam, which has 2 parts:

1st question (15 minutes): 10-minute uninterrupted presentation by the student followed by additional questions from the committee. The student is not expected to systematically cover the whole thematic field; s/​he should rather demonstrate his/​her approach to the subject while combining historiographical facts with theoretical perspective. It is recommended to choose several particular examples (of artists and theorists) to demonstrate the approach and understanding of a given problem convincingly.

2nd question (15 minutes): discussion with the members of the committee about the second chosen subject.

Questions/​thematic fields:

1. Medium specificity, photography and intermediality
2. Reproducibility (graphic, photographic and digital techniques of reproduction, reproduction and documentation of artworks)
3. Portrait photography and the problem of identity in modern and contemporary societies
4. Objectivity as an epistemic ideal: scientific photography
5. Photographer as witness: ethical and political dimensions of photography
6. Vernacular (amateur and commercial) photography
7. Vision machines and apparatuses: technical conditions of photography
8. Art as postproduction: found, appropriated, recycled and archived images
9. Photographic canon and its institutions (historiography, exhibitions, market)
10. Photography and new media (remediation, computational photography, operative images, technological convergence)

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