Basic Information Concerning Final Exams

Specific dates for final exams (FE) are determined and published at least one month in advance.

The final exam includes:

  • an exhibition project, including a printed explanation
  • a selection of work from all the completed practical courses
  • printed texts written for theoretical courses
  • a current portfolio in both printed and electronic forms
  • documentation of the exhibition project and other works in electronic form

Within the final exam, students present:

  1. An exhibition project installed within a specified exhibition space: The exhibition project is the result of work in the studio and is in accordance with consultations with the head of the studio. An essential part is a printed explanation of the exhibition project (of a minimum 3600 characters or 600 words – see the methodological guideline)
  2. Selected results of work in practical classes and courses: The selection is in accordance with consultations with the head teachers of courses. In its final form, it is submitted only to the final commission (on the table, during the student’s presentation)
  3. Printed texts that originated in theoretical courses in accordance with the instructions of the head teachers of these courses.
  4. A printed portfolio, primarily to enable external commission members to get acquainted with the development of the student. The portfolio in electronic form will become part of the website of the Department of Photography (“DoP”) where it will be used to implement other activities of the Department.

A pre-requisite for the registration of the result of the final exam is the submission of the following:

  1. Complete electronic documentation of the exhibition project, including labels, namely within seven days of the examination. Electronic documentation of works from other practical courses and classes in the extent and form determined by the head teachers of these courses.

The membership of the final commissions is published in the Department of Photography three days before the Final Exam takes place.

The Final Exam is publicly accessible to all students and teachers of FAMU.

Students receive 2 evaluations (grades) for the final exam. What is evaluated is the exhibition project and the overall result of the work produced during the semester. The commission makes its evaluation according to the binding classification rules of AMU, using grades A to F. Grades are calculated as an average of the evaluation of all the commission members.

If a student receives an F, they repeat the final exam or its part on a single additional date.

In the first year, in the summer semester, the final exam cannot be repeated.

Graduating Students

If a student is taking the Final State Examination (SZZK) in the given semester, the exhibition project is substituted by a presentation of their incomplete thesis.

Individual Study Plan

In the case of an ISP (individual study plan – formerly referred to as an “extension”), the final exam is replaced with a Semester Work Presentation. It has the same form, requirements and components as a final exam (exhibition project, selection of results of practical courses concluded by the student in the given semester, a printed portfolio, printed theoretical texts, the submission of documentation in electronic form).