booking system & rules

Rezervační systém

link to the online booking system here

equipment return tuesday 11:00 — 15:00 equipment loan wednesday 11:00 — 15:00

terms and conditions of lending department equipment — Passing the introductions to the booking system, valid liability insurance, timely and confirmed reservation in the department’s booking system, introduction /​knowledge of the borrowed equipment.

rules and regulations — equipment loans

1/​equipment can be loaned every Wednesday in between 11:00 and 15:00. Earlier lending is possible on basis of an individual agreement and only If the capacity is on the stock.

2/​equipment has to be returned on Tuesday in between 11:00 and 15:00. Exceptions off the regular hours can be made only on a basis of an individual agreement.

3/​equipment is strictly forbidden to be loaned between students.

4/​in case of a change in your loan requirements, please apply the changes to the online booking system as soon as possible.

5/​in case you are unsure of how to use specific equipment, please let us know — contact information can be found below. Otherwise irreparable damage might occur.

6/​certain equipment might require additional introduction and/​or conditions of the loan.

7/​in case of non-compliance or violation of the equipment loans rules and/​or booking system rules there will be penalization in a form of restricted access to the equipment/​booking system.

terms and conditions of using the department of photography facilities — Passing the introductions regarding usage of the studios and their equipment, valid liability insurance, and timely and confirmed reservation in the department’s booking system.

rules and regulations — department

1/​liability insurance. For access to the booking system, each of our students is required to have valid liability insurance with an extension onto equipment/​premises rented/​borrowed from the school. The insurance provided by the ČP for the department is valid only within the Czech Republic. By noncompliance with the terms of the contract the student accepts full responsibility for the equipment borrowed.

2/​only the student with a confirmed reservation in the booking system is authorized to work in the darkroom and use its equipment.

3/​during the weekends and state holidays entry to the building is limited to students and employees only with valid and confirmed booking in the reservation system. Any other persons (such as models, even if they are students or employees) have to be announced before their arrival and have to sign into the entry sheets at the reception.

4/​please do not move the equipment in between the workspaces. It is only possible in case of emergency and it is essential to return the borrowed equipment to where it belongs as soon as possible.

5/​do not damage, modify and/​or dismantle the department’s equipment. By doing that you are making it impossible for your colleagues to work. Handle the electrical appliances with extreme care to prevent injury and/​or equipment damage. Please refrain from stepping onto the paper backdrops in footwear.

6/​workspaces are not storage spaces. Do not leave your stuff in the workspaces or they might be disposed of without any warning.

7/​it is forbidden to consume any food in the workspaces or engage in any activities unrelated to the work in the studio itself.

8/​in case you are unsure of how to use specific equipment, please let us know — contact information can be found below. Otherwise, irreparable damage might occur.

rentals and reservations

9/​booking system reservations have to be made at least 24 hours in advance or the confirmation cannot be guaranteed. During weekends, holidays, state holidays, and vacations make sure to make the bookings at least 48 hours in advance.

10/​equipment and facilities may be pre-booked but if you fail to utilize the booking within an hour (facilities) or day (equipment) of the agreed time of collection the booking may be made available to other users upon request. Continued failure to take up bookings will result in the loss of the privilege to make bookings in advance

11/​workspaces can be booked for a maximum consecutive period of 6 time slots. Analog equipment can be rented for 2 weeks. Digital equipment can be booked for 1 week. The rental can be extended for another week (if the capacity is available) once it is due to be returned.


12/​before leaving the workspace tidy up to leave it in a better shape than you found it in. Return the equipment to its designed locations, make sure none of it can drop or release by itself, switch off the main power breaker, and clean up the overall space.


13/​do not leave the workspace without switching off the lights, turning off /​unplugging the devices, closing the windows, and locking the door.

14/​it is necessary to return the key to the reception downstairs any time you are leaving the building.

Head of technology and equipment: Jan Maštera