Studio of imaginative photography

instalace výstavy ateliéru imaginativní fotografie

instalace klauzur

The Studio of Imaginative Photography works across the full spectrum of genres and means of expression. It is a synthesis of visual and conceptual thinking involving artistic, documentary, and multimediaapproaches among others. Boundaries between the various types of communication are intentionally ignored in order to emphasize the message itself. 

The studio has established a creative space for students working across the entire photographic spectrum, a place where the knowledge of the photographic craft creates a solid basis for the superstructure of autonomous visual self-expression.

Each semester, thehead of the studio assigns students with thematic exercises. He asks questions based on a given theme and then the students and teacher seek the answers together. The process includes lectures and presentations by invited guests emphasizing the assigned topic. The result of this research, in continuous interaction and dialogue with the teacher, is a creative visual output. Emphasis is placed on the philosophical background, sensitivity, and authentic individual creative attitude of each student.