Studio of new aesthetics

Head: Hynek Alt
assistant: Jen Kratochvil

The Studio of New Aesthetic is a place for sharing, discussion, exploration, experimentation, and the cultivation of critical thinking. The starting point of work and reflection in the studio lies in the societal importance of the role of photography in an era of infinitely expandable and limitless media. Photography in the age of social media owned by billionaires dreaming of death on other planets, photography in the age of algorithmically generated imagery, photography informed by the discourse of post-truth… this is photography detached from its original representative role. What has replaced this role and how to work with photography today are among the myriad of other fundamental questions shaping the studio’s interest. 

The outputs of students“ work in the studio include installations, videos, stories and poems, CGI animations, performances, music videos, mystification documentaries, narrative essays, traditional sculptures, or even, in exceptional cases, photography. The Studio of New Aesthetic is firmly anchored in the space of contemporary art but does not hesitate to intersect with fashion, architecture, game design, or contemporary political theory. 

Students are fully motivated to find their own solutions to problems they consider relevant.

The basic starting point of work is research and dialogue. The fundamental tools are craftsmanship and curiosity. The basic method is the language of contemporary art. 

Graduates of the studio find employment both in the field of contemporary art and far beyond its borders, thanks to the technical skills they acquire during their studies.