Výstava Osm, osm, osm

eight, eight, eight

vernisáž / opening: 9.10. v 19.00


Opening: 8.10. at 7pm

Curators: Markéta Kinterová, Veronika Daňhelová
Artists: Oskar Helcel, Jan Kučera, Martin Lee, Martin Netočný, River Young

The separation of time into three segments is a mental model that has been accepted by the majority of society for a long time and, as a rule, without any reservations. Eight hours of sleep – one cannot but agree, as it is better than precarious insomnia. Eight hours of work: Why? Or why not? And eight hours of leisure time, as opposed to serfdom relieved by periods of leisure-time activities, more or less improves the physical and psychological resilience of an individual to perform additional work, does it not? Hey, are you awake yet?

The notion that we have learned one profession and that we will have only one type of work throughout our professional life is far removed from reality and the actual situation. Then there is still the question of what to devote ourselves to in the educational process. And what is education? How is it carried out and where?