7.-21.6. 2019
Kampus Hybernská

The specific, determined position of photography is “on the interface”, said Jan Mukařovský. It oscillates between transient and permanent, dynamic and static, apparent and hidden, science and magic, information and matter, truth and fiction, art and industry, art and popular culture, professional and amateur, private and public, document and monument, analogue and digital, central and marginal, individual and general. The boundary phenomena are difficult to grasp, because they cannot be clearly and permanently defined and identified using methodological, conceptual, aesthetic or political categories and standards. We do not experience a boundary as an immediate crossing of a demarcation line but much more as a gradual discovery that we are already in another, foreign world. Therefore, examining an interface is always mostly a personal story, analysing and evaluating of our own experience of such a boundary situation.

Jiří Bartoš, 

Camille Bonneau, 

Carlos Casasola, 

Matthew Colodny, 

Veronika Čechmánková, 

Martin Dušek, 

Rony Eranezhath, 

Zuzana Fedorová, 

Hanlu Gong, 

Christian Henninger,

Richard Janeček, 

Jan Kučera, 

Martin Lee, 

Adam Mička,

Alexander Rossa, 

Marie Sieberová, 

Natálie Ševčíková, 

Erika Štěpánková, 

Václav Tvarůžka, 

Max Vajt, 

Jonáš Verešpej, 

Yeting Xu, 

River Young