PharmDr. Jan Měřička

silk-screen printing
Jan Měřička

Jan Měřička is an artist, graphic artist and a graphic designer.For the last thirteen years, he has been a teacher at the FAMU Department of Photography; he currently teaches screen printing and manages the screen print workshop. After graduating from the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové, in 1983 Měřička graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Prague. By the mid-1990s he was working as a pharmacist and then later as a freelance graphic artist. In 2001, he won the Vladimir Boudník Prize for his original graphic work. He works with recordings and models of how people move in the public space. He has attended dozens of solo and groupexhibitions, such as Krok zpátky (A Step Back) (GASK Central Bohemian Region Gallery, Kutná Hora, 2014) and Neklid davu (Restlessness of the Crowd) (Lázně Gallery, Liberec, 2019). He has made a number of artist’s books, some in cooperation with Jaromír Typlt and Pavel Novotný.