Final Bachelor Exam in Photography Technique

Final Bachelor Exam in Photography Technique

Themes for BcA. Final Exam – Photography Technique

A/​Architecture Photography – Exterior

B/​Architecture Photography – Interior

C/​Landscape Photography

D/​Documentary and Reportage Photography

E/​Studio Portrait Photography and Self-portrait

F/​Studio Photography of Objects and Still-lives

G/​Portrait and Group Portrait Photography outside Studio

H/​Historical techniques, their technology and significance for contemporary photography

I/​Advertising and Fashion Photography in connection to Graphic Design

In connection to the theme the student will be given a concrete example, for which he or she will try to find a solution.

Each question represents elementary problems, which student will discuss
Regarding to:

1) outline of the given theme and various possible solutions
choice of camera, size of negative regarding the fitness of the technique for the given example. The student will discuss here also the construction and the historical development of the chosen technique

2) choice of lenses regarding the given example, its optical qualities and its errors, correction of the errors or the possible use of the errors

3) sharpness/​unsharpness, Scheinpflug rule, depth of field, aperture influence

4) light – daylight, lamps, or flash, its chromatics, polarizing filter

5) traditional black and white or color photography, choice of appropriate material, comparison of color process negative-positive

6) elementary processing, historic photographic processes, their importance and use in contemporary photography.

7) use of the digital technology, chip and its resolution

8) digitalization of the image and its further manipulation –Photoshop, photographing fine art reproductions, standardization of the reproduction process.

9) graphical layout, choice of font, preparing a dummy of a book

10) print – digital, offset and various other possibilities, preparation of photography and other necessities for printing, conversion RGB-CMYK

FAMU, Department of Photography 2022